Reward users for posting, sharing and commenting

An idea for you is a brand new platform with the ability to reward users for posting, sharing and commenting its products. A new way to monetize content, check it out: A blog about a platform that has the ability to reward users for posting, sharing and commenting its products.

Imagine a platform where your engagement is rewarded. Your posts and comments are monetized, by you getting paid instead of them. You are the media. And you are the one making profits.

A social network that brings people together who share common interests and helps them grow their ideas into profitable businesses.

It’s highly interactive, fun and simple to use. And it’s also built on a community that gets rewarded for their engagement, so it’s not all about the money. The more you contribute to the site, by posting content, commenting on other people’s contributions or simply by sharing other people’s work, the more points you get and more chances you have to win prizes.

Offer several ways for the users to earn money: through completing tasks (receiving rewards), selling their products in the store (getting a commission from each sale) and even creating their own stores (earning a certain percentage from every transaction). The goal is to build an ecosystem where creators can monetize their content while engaging with other people through our platform. But that is not all.

  • A Platform where you can earn rewards by posting, sharing and commenting its products
  • A great opportunity to earn money through your social media accounts
  • The ability to make posts and share them on the platform’s blog and social media
  • A community full of active people who will be engaged in your posts

There are you—the user—and there’s us. You see us on TV, you read about us in magazines, you connect with us on social media. And all of that is great! We love connecting with you and hearing your thoughts and ideas. But we also know that there’s something missing.

What if we could use blockchain technology to create a platform where every time you contribute content to our brand it gets rewarded? What if every time you post one of our products to social media, or comment on a blog post about our company, or share our latest news with your friends, we could reward that contribution?

That’s what [platform name] does. It uses blockchain technology to give users BEP-20 tokens for interacting with the platform. You can spend those tokens on other products from the brands on the platform, and those brands can give their tokens away as prizes for giveaways or sweepstakes!

… Sounds pretty interesting doesn’t it?

What if there was a way to turn your social media power into tangible, useful currency? A way to get rewarded for posting, sharing and commenting on the things that interest you?


, we’re making that dream come true. We’re a platform that rewards you for doing what you love: talking about it! Here’s how it works:

is a community where users can post, share and comment on the things they love, whether it’s an amazing recipe for cherry pie or a video about the latest internet meme. The more engaging your content is—the more people who like, share and comment on it—the more rewards you earn. Those rewards are tokens that you can use to buy products from any of our partners. You can also choose to trade those tokens in at any time for real currency.

So what are you waiting for? Post something juicy and get rewarded today!
This platform provides incentives that allow businesses to get valuable feedback from consumers, while also incentivizing and rewarding users for their time, participation and input.

Without any doubt, this would easily get a lot of engagement and really amazing click through rates. What do you think about rewarding your audience?

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